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Financial Planning

How we work with you...

We use a holistic process for creating, implementing, and maintaining your personalized financial plan.

  1. First, we have an honest conversation about your major life goals.
  2. Then, we help you rate your goals to pinpoint what you consider ideal and acceptable outcomes.
  3. We work with you to prioritize your goals so we get a clear picture of what you value most.
  4. Next comes stress testing with a computer simulation that runs 1,000 random market scenarios and tells us the probability that you'll acheive the goals you've identified.
  5. With all that information in hand, we make recommendations for a personalized financial plan.
  6. We choose and implement an investment mix that reflects your goals, your tolerance for risk, and your current financial situation.
  7. We regularly monitor your progress toward your goals and continue our ongoing conversation with you.
  8. Life is always changing; when it does, we adjust your plan to reflect new goals or new priorities - with the help of forecasting tools that show how changing your plan could affect your long-term goals.

The Issues That Matter Most...

Our planning conversation begins with a clear look at your financial life through the lens of your tax situation along with these essential wealth management issues.

  • Investment management helps us identify the right investment vehicles for you by considering your goals, risk tolerance, income needs, time horizon, and more.
  • Cash-flow and debt management analyzes how you currently spend your money and what kind of debt you have, and seeks ways to imporve your cash flow to maximize the amount you have available to invest.
  • Family risk management can be tough to talk about, but it's incredibly important: What would happen to your family's finances in the event of a sudden death or disability? When you think about the possibilities in advance, you can protect yourself against risk.
  • Retirement planning means articulating your vision for the lifestyle you want after you're done working. Our planning tools lay out a roadmap for helping it turn into a reality.
  • Education planning for your children's or grandchildren's college education requires thinking about the implications for their financial-aid eligibility as well as for your income and taxes.
  • Legacy and estate planning is about making sure that your wishes for your estate are upheld and that your family's estate-tax liability is minimized.
  • Business planning helps you establish essential strategies for every stage in the life cycle of your business: maximizing cash flow, planning for growth, minimzing taxes, bringing in a successor or selling your company, and more.
  • Special situations are those unpredictable moments both good (planning a wedding) and bad (unexpected medical expenses). We'll help you make contingency plans to cover unforeseen events.

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