Are you a good fit?

Are you a good fit?

You will love working here if you are enthusiastic about your life inside and outside the office.  Our team members are excited about the work we do and the impact we make on our community.  We know when its time to work hard and when its time to play hard.  To be successful in our firm you need to be willing to own a project start to finish, admit when things are not working, and be able to turn obstacles into strategies to get a job done.  That is how we continually evolve to a higher standard of service.  Our team also knows that the learning never stops.  Our industry changes all the time through regulation, technology, and new tools.  We are eager to adopt new practices, attend seminars and workshops, and produce high quality internal training to make us more efficient and professional.  Integrity is key.  We work with confidential information and client assets, which requires absolute trust from our community.  This requires the highest standards of honesty and integrity.  This shows up in in our all our decision making.  We go to sleep at night knowing we did our best to make any issues right for the clients we serve.

Internship Program

Internship Program

Our flagship internship program produces quality future employees for both our firm and the job market as a whole.  We are proud of our innovative program and the results we produce.  This is not a phone and filing internship.  Our students hit the ground running with client interaction, a beginning education in personal tax preparation, and all the skills of working with a team to produce outstanding results. 

If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior with an interest in business, finance, tax, entrepreneurship or accounting, this program may be a good fit for you.  Our internship program typically runs from the first week of January through the tax filing deadline, usually April 15.  You could be placed in any of our locations on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Many of interns come back for multiple tax seasons to prepare for a full-time career with our firm.*

Many of our full-time employees come from this pool of talented individuals who have worked with our firm for one or two tax seasons and thrive in our culture.

To apply, please email your resume, school transcript, application and contact information for two references to  

*The internship is no guarantee of future employment

Job Postings

If you feel like you are a good fit, please email a resume and application to Please put Job Application in the subject line of the email. 

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