Hi, I'm Retired. The paycheck stopped... now what?

About Me

About Me

>>> Enjoying spending time with family and friends
>>> Loving to travel and/or explore my own backyard
>>> Hoping to leave something tangible behind for my loved ones
>>> Desiring to leave a charitable gift to the nonprofit organization of my choosing
>>> Concerned about effective tax management of retirement income
>>> Shoring up my will and other important documents to make sure my death is not a burden on my family

Congratulations! You’ve retired! Hopefully, you’re enjoying time with family and friends. Maybe you’re busy traveling or exploring your own backyard. But, there’s still something keeping you up at night. Is it the desire to leave a charitable gift to a nonprofit? Is it worry about who is going to inherit what once you’re gone? Is it concern over your lack of an updated will and associated paperwork?

 Let us help you figure out what to do now that the paycheck has stopped.

 You are ready to enjoy this next phase, but you need to know that you are not going to outlive your assets. You thought taxes got better in retirement, but now you’re not so sure.

 You want to make sure that when you are gone, you don't leave behind a big mess for anybody else to deal with and you don't become a burden on your family.

 You’re not sure you have everything structured to your best advantage. You really need some support or reassurance that you are still on track financially.

 Contact us to find out how we can help by providing services like investment management, legacy and estate planning, and long-term care insurance.

 We provide tax-smart strategies for smarter financial decisions.

Specific Tools To Help You:

Legacy and Estate Planning

Legacy and estate planning is about making sure that your wishes for your estate are upheld and that your family's estate-tax liability is minimized.

Investment Management

Investment management helps identify the right investment vehicles for you by considering your goals, risk tolerance, income needs, time horizon and more.

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