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About Me

About Me

>>> Starting my career
>>> Continuing to learn
>>> Navigating the roles and responsibilities of a new position
>>> Learning about the personnel affiliated with the job and countless other onboarding duties
>>> Excited about this phase, but also worried about student loans and living expenses
>>> Eager to please my boss and make my coworkers like me
>>> Looking to climb the ladder in a timely fashion
>>> Grateful for a paycheck
>>> Unsure how to manage this new income
>>> Interested in investing

Are you just starting out in your career and while you’re excited about this phase, you’re also worried about paying off your student loans and affording living expenses? You’re not alone.

We know you’re excited to be done with full-time school, but you’re facing a lot of change.

Many of you don't have a lot of experience budgeting for all the things that are coming at you—from living expenses to car payments and all the fun activities that come up on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention there are employee benefits to navigate.

And don't get us started on student loans. It seems like everyone was throwing money at you in school, but we're guessing no one was clearly educating you how to pay it back.

We know it feels like a lot right now, but we’re here to help.

Contact us to find out ways we can assist with cash-flow and debt management, as well as employee benefits and investment management.

You may be new here, but you don’t have to go at it alone.

Specific Tools To Help You:


Investment management helps identify the right investment vehicles for you by considering your goals, risk tolerance, income needs, time horizon and more.

Cash-flow & Debt Management

Cash-flow and debt management analyzes your debt and how you currently spend your money and seeks ways to improve your cash flow to maximize the amount you have available to invest and enjoy.

Employee Benefit Analysis

Employee benefit analysis allows you to understand what benefits are available through your workplace and what others may need to be purchased from the marketplace.

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