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About Me

About Me

>>> Focused on other priorities than work
>>> Starting a family
>>> Earning more money, but also spending more money
>>> Realizing I'm no longer the center of my own world
>>> Interested in community development
>>> Worried about having enough to retire one day
>>> Looking to plan for the future
>>> Interested in investing
>>> Curious about protecting my family if I die early

Are you no longer the newest person in your office or on your team and you’re now focused on other priorities than work? Are you excited about earning more money, but also worried about the fact that you’re spending more money? Maybe you’re starting a family or getting involved in your community? Suffice it to say, you’re no longer the center of your own world.

 Sound familiar? Welcome to adulting. We know it’s hard.

 While you have your feet under you, we bet it feels like it wouldn't take much to knock you off balance.

 We're guessing there are a lot of moving parts in your life as you settle down and settle on your career path, while juggling your needs and those of everyone else you have signed on to take along for the ride. 

While you have the basics down, putting all the pieces of your financial life together feels tricky, and you’re uncertain if you have all the bases covered.

 We’re here to help

Contact us to find out ways we can assist with investment management, retirement planning, education planning, family risk management and more. 

You may be new to adulting, but we offer financial coaching for every season.

Specific Tools To Help You:


Investment management helps identify the right investment vehicles for you by considering your goals, risk tolerance, income needs, time horizon and more.

Cash-flow & Debt Management

Cash-flow and debt management analyzes your debt and how you currently spend your money and seeks ways to improve your cash flow to maximize the amount you have available to invest and enjoy.

Employee Benefit Analysis

Employee benefit analysis allows you to understand what benefits are available through your workplace and what others may need to be purchased from the marketplace.

Family Risk

Family risk management can be tough to talk about, but it's incredibly important. When you think about the possibilities in advance, you can protect yourself and others against risk.


Education planning for your child's (or maybe your own post-graduate or career development) education requires thinking about the implications for financial-aid eligibility, as well as for your income and taxes.


Retirement planning means articulating your vision for the lifestyle you want after you’re done working or maybe transitioning to a new career or lifestyle.

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